Open Competitions 2018


Athletes from countries that do not have national competitions will be allowed to compete at an Open Competition to qualify for WPSC on 14/15 July 2018. The Netherlands will offer this possibility as part of our national championships on 2/3 June 2018. Register is possible from October 1 to March 1. After registration you are able to withdraw without statement of reason until March 1.


How does it work?

There is no maximum number of athletes allowed to compete at any or all of the open championships. Athletes are allowed to compete in one open competition of their choice per competitive year. To prevent more than two athletes qualifying in different competitions the following rules will apply:

•  Only two athletes from each country may qualify in each category for WPSC. This means if eight athletes from one country enter four open championships and win 1st and 2nd place at each with the minimum point criteria, only the two with the highest scores will qualify for WPSC.

•  All scores for athletes who compete at an open competition will be listed on the IPSF website and updated at each open competition. This means every athlete who competes in an open championship has the same chance to qualify regardles of which competition they enter.

•  The final qualifying scores will be announced the day after the final open competition. This means athletes competing in open competitions will not know if they have qualified for WPSC until the last competition has been held.

• Athletes will still have the honour of placing in their categories at the competitions they enter. This means, if an athlete places 1st, 2nd, 3rd in an open competition, they will also win the title of e.g. Gold medalist of the Dutch Open Junior category, or 2nd place winner or Men’s category – Dutch Open.

•  The athlete with the highest score for their country will qualify to the WPSC regardless of whether they have met the minimum point requirements. This means e.g. if an athlete came 7th in Women’s category and had only 15 points, they can still represent their country if they get the highest number of points out of all the athletes in that category from that country. They will be treated the same as athletes in national competitions – 1st place regardless of points automatically qualifies.

•  The athlete with the second highest score for their country will also receive a place at the WPSC, provided they have met the minimum point requirements.

•  The same rules for reserve athletes apply.


Dutch Open Competitions

On June 2 & 3 2018 the Dutch National Championship 2018 will be held in ‘Sporthal De Slagen’ in Waalwijk. The Open Competition is part of this weekend. The competitions that are being held are Pole Sports, Artistic Pole, Para Pole and Ultra Pole, so you are also able to register for all of these.

This will be an impressive, unforgettable weekend. Filled with amazing performances, many workshops and interesting vendors with all kind of pole related items. The complete program will be compiled when the subscriptions have been received.

Scores will be announced straight after every athlete. Because the Dutch Championships are the last national championship, and therefor the last Open Competitions, you will know right away if you have qualified for the WPSC!

As stated above there are 4 competitions in which participants can take part:

  • Pole Sport
  • Artistic Pole
  • Ultra Pole (min. 2 atletes needed!)
  • Para Pole

Every competition has different categories, check the Code of Points / Rules & Regulations. For Pole Sport these are the seven categories:

  • Youth Novices mixed ( 10 t/m 14 years)
  • Youth Juniors mixed (15 t/m 17 years)
  • Seniors Women (18 t/m 39 years)
  • Seniors Men (18 t/m 39 years)
  • Masters mixed (40+ years)
  • Masters mixed (50+ years)
  • Doubles mixed (no age restriction)

Note your age on the date of the World Championships determines your category! The WPSC will be held on 13/14/15 July 2018. Contact us if in doubt.

You can participate in multiple competitions if you want, please register for each competition separately.

The winners of the Open Competitions will get the titles: Dutch Open Pole Sport Champion 2018, Dutch Open Artistic Pole Champion 2018, Dutch Open Ultra Pole Champion 2018 and Dutch Open Para Pole Champion 2018.


Rules & Regulations

We are using the IPSF Rules and Regulation for the Open Competitions 2018. The different Codes Of Points are launched at September 1 and you can find it through this link:



Register for the Open Competition 2018 was possible from October 1 to March 1.

Questions? Ask them by email:

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