Participation Open Competition 2019


Apply for the Open Competitions that take place as part of the NK Paalsport 2019. One year membership Paalsport Bond Nederland is included for you and your IPSF-endorsed coach (if applicable).

Caution! If your country host their own competition you can not join our Open Competition, you must enter in your own country. If you are Dutch you should apply for the general NK Paalsport 2018.

If we have (manually) processed your application, you will receive a confirmation email indicating that the order has been completed. Some time later you will receive the athletes-information-package with, among other things, the waiver and information about the delivery of files such as forms and music. If you signed up for Aerial Hoop, please read below how we handle the reserve-list.

Applications are closed



Registration for the Open Competitions that take place as part of the NK Paalsport 2019.

One year membership Paalsport Bond Nederland is required to compete and is included in the application fee. Do you bring an IPSF-endorsed coach? They need to be a member too. This is also included in your application-fee, but make sure we receive the right certificates (Code Of Points 2018/2019 and Anatomy-course) You can email this to later.

If you signed up for Aerial Hoop, you will hear -after the manual processing- whether you are participating or if you are on the reserve-list. If there are enough people on the reserve-list, we will add a second stage so everybody can compete. We will notify you a.s.a.p. If we don’t have enough applications for a second stage you will of course get your registration fee returned. We will try to provide clarity as soon as possible.


The conditions that apply to the NK Paalsport 2019 including the Open Competitions are set by the IPSF. All documents on need to be considered, but most important are the Code Of Points / Rules and Regulations for the competition of your choice. Part of this is for example is that the athlete declares to be fit, healthy and not knowingly pregnant. Also the No-Show Policy is part of this document and we advice you to read this thoroughly.

At the beginning of the event you need to register by legitimizing yourself and signing a waiver, which will be send to you before for your perusal.

The Open Competitions are organized in coöperation with the IPSF so your personal information need to be shared with the IPSF for this purpose (and this purpose only).